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Leadership Skills Are Needed During Crisis

Are you stepping up with your leadership skills to face the uncertainty present during this time of crisis? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there’s a new political, economic, health or civic crisis unfolding every day.  Millions of people are sick.  Small businesses are closing forever.  Large corporations are laying […]readmore

Funny Leaders Are The Best Leaders

    Many years ago, I worked for a technology company which had what they would have described as a high performance culture. I would have described it as a culture of fear.  Weekly sales calls and quarterly reviews were no fun to be a part of whether you were performing well or not.  Before […]readmore

Leaders Encourage Compassion And Don’t Name Call

    As a kid, I was subjected to name calling.  I think most kids experience this in one way or another, at some point.  As adults, we tend to dismiss this as ‘kid stuff.’  Often, it’s just silly because children are making fun of someone’s name. As a ‘Greenberg’ this meant I was called […]readmore

Leaders Connect Regularly With Their Teams

    Years ago, I was working as a Sales Leader for a start up in the software space.  Well, it wasn’t a start-up per se; it was a newly formed company as a result of a private equity firm acquiring a number of smaller established companies; they were merging them together to create a […]readmore

Leaders Focus Themselves AND Their Teams On Common Goals.

    Early in my sales career I was asked to present at an important internal meeting.  The audience was made up of people from cross functional groups as part of an HR initiative.  They wanted to move from a hierarchical organization, where (for example) all sales people reported to a single Sales leader within […]readmore

It Pays When Leaders Get Paid

    Walking the streets of Munich at night, past the glitzy jewellery and art stores, past the heated outdoor cafes where the sound of conversation and laughter floated past me as I looked in the windows of the different restaurants, I wanted to feel excited.  I had never been to this part of the […]readmore

Change-Agility Is A Leadership Skill

    How do you feel about change? Would you rather keep the status quo and go about your predictable life or do you find change natural and even desired? My personal belief about change is that it is necessary. Whether small or large, it is change that keeps us moving forward and improving.  My […]readmore

Tap into your imagination as a leader and Shuffle off

    Deb here again. Shuffle and Buffalo are dance terms I learned at a very early age. They are actually tap dancing terms. Studs, wings, pickups, heel clicks and scuffles are a few more of my faves. I started tap lessons at the age of four, but I did all genres of dance my […]readmore

Sensitivity in Leadership

    10 years ago on a cold December day, my daughter Eliana was born. 6lbs, 6oz’ of a beautiful and absolutely astonishing miracle. Those first few days were pure bliss. Then, she became more alert and for the next 3 months she screamed and cried like nothing I have ever experienced to this very […]readmore