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Tap into your imagination as a leader and Shuffle off

    Deb here again. Shuffle and Buffalo are dance terms I learned at a very early age. They are actually tap dancing terms. Studs, wings, pickups, heel clicks and scuffles are a few more of my faves. I started tap lessons at the age of four, but I did all genres of dance my […]readmore

Sensitivity in Leadership

    10 years ago on a cold December day, my daughter Eliana was born. 6lbs, 6oz’ of a beautiful and absolutely astonishing miracle. Those first few days were pure bliss. Then, she became more alert and for the next 3 months she screamed and cried like nothing I have ever experienced to this very […]readmore

Should Leaders Show Vulnerability?

    I once worked for a company that was facing financial headwinds due to a crisis in the market. They announced a number of employee terminations and furloughs. These are never easy decisions. I had personal relationships with some of the decision makers and the people negatively impacted by job loss — so I […]readmore

? Insatiable curiosity

Curiosity can lead great minds to discover things such as the Theory of Relativity, but to even ordinary minds, such as mine, curiosity can lead to extraordinary results of which you never dreamed. For example, curiosity about why one bottle of wine called Chianti, from 2009 is worth $15.00 and yet another bottle of wine […]readmore

Racism: Individual and Corporate Responsibility

    I know about racism. As a Jewish boy growing up, racism is something I experienced. Unfortunately, I understand the fear, shame, hardship and humiliation that comes with it. I’m generally a positive person, but it’s hard to be positive when faced with such hatred and negativity. Now as an adult, however, I find […]readmore

Practice Patience

    Deb here again. If you’re a parent you’ve had good practice at it. Even after 24 years of parenting (with 2 kids … 3 if you include my husband who is like a big kid) I’m still practicing it. I’ll admit… even on the days I suck at it, I still pursue it […]readmore

Learn From Wiser Souls Through Business Mentorship

    Last week, I bought my daughter a new mountain bike.  She’s 10 and had outgrown her last one.  She wanted the pink one but settled for the red one since the pink one would have taken a few more weeks to be delivered.  To compromise, we added pink handle grips and pedals.  It’s […]readmore

Giving Back Is Good For You

  Do you remember where you were when Hurricane Odile struck? I sure do… It struck the state of Baja California Sur in September of 2014.  Statistically, it was tied for the most intense landfalling cyclone worldwide that year.  Odile inflicted widespread damage, particularly in the Los Cabos and La Paz areas.  The Los Cabos […]readmore

Coping With Crisis Using Leadership Skills

It started with news stories about a strange illness in a foreign land affecting people that I didn’t know.  Soon, there were stories posted on social media and I started seeing friends of friends impacted, but I still felt that it wouldn’t happen to me.  Then, my own close friends started sharing stories of their own family members impacted and I […]readmore

I Followed My Heart

  I followed my heart and here I am serving as the Chief Experience Officer for leaders2inspire. I’m Deb Lawson and I’m thrilled to share with you how I got here. This is the first of my monthly posts in our newsletter/blog series.  It started from drawing a picture in the sand – which eventually […]readmore