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The Transformation Has Begun

As I reflect on the year gone by, I’m most curious about what I see in the now as a result.  What I see is our entire world going through transformation.  I think life is a constant cycle of transformation, but there are moments of time that really stand out and this for certain is […]readmore

Transformational Leadership

    As we inch closer and closer to the final day of 2020 it is natural for me, and for many people I believe, to reflect on the year that has gone by and visualize the year ahead.  Most people would say that 2020 was a disaster and they cannot wait for it to […]readmore

Great Leaders Give Priceless Gifts

    People who know me likely know what a trouble-maker I was as a kid. I was accused of being ‘a rebel without a cause.’  What a handful I was! One of the reasons I ended up okay in the end was due to the love and support I received from my parents. I’ve […]readmore

Kind Leadership Is The Best Kind

    It’s Deb again.  This time of year makes me think about a pivotal day in my corporate life that had a big influence on my life in general. It has also created a tradition I share with a dear friend involving a TV show from the 70’s, a cup of coffee, and a […]readmore

Thankful Leadership

    This recent U.S. holiday marked the 3 year anniversary of an experience that completely changed my life and my perception of the world around me.  On November 24th, 2017, a Syrian Refugee family finally arrived in Canada.  I was a part of sponsoring their move. That very same day, I also learned that […]readmore

Leadership Skills Are Needed During Crisis

Are you stepping up with your leadership skills to face the uncertainty present during this time of crisis? I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there’s a new political, economic, health or civic crisis unfolding every day.  Millions of people are sick.  Small businesses are closing forever.  Large corporations are laying […]readmore

Funny Leaders Are The Best Leaders

    Many years ago, I worked for a technology company which had what they would have described as a high performance culture. I would have described it as a culture of fear.  Weekly sales calls and quarterly reviews were no fun to be a part of whether you were performing well or not.  Before […]readmore

Leaders Encourage Compassion And Don’t Name Call

    As a kid, I was subjected to name calling.  I think most kids experience this in one way or another, at some point.  As adults, we tend to dismiss this as ‘kid stuff.’  Often, it’s just silly because children are making fun of someone’s name. As a ‘Greenberg’ this meant I was called […]readmore

Leaders Connect Regularly With Their Teams

    Years ago, I was working as a Sales Leader for a start up in the software space.  Well, it wasn’t a start-up per se; it was a newly formed company as a result of a private equity firm acquiring a number of smaller established companies; they were merging them together to create a […]readmore