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Supporting Emotional Employees After Crisis

    Who would have thought I’d proudly say I was part of a group labelled “emotional employees”. Here’s the story of how it came to be. I woke up to the pinging of texts and my cell-phone non-stop vibrating with inbound calls. At first, I thought it was my relentless husband. You see, it […]readmore

Employee Success Metrics That Fuel High Performance

    I recently had a unique opportunity to have a frank discussion about employee success with my direct reports. Admittedly, it came about in an unusual way.  Because I had made the decision to leave my employer for another opportunity, there seemed to be no better time for an open and honest conversation with […]readmore

Selfless Leadership Begins With Lessons From Mom

    Recently, I was appointed President & CEO of a private software company, so selfless leadership has been on my mind. I was introduced to the founder of this company by a man that I had worked for about a decade earlier and whom I had kept in touch. Interestingly, he was the first […]readmore

Work With Purpose: Why It Matters In Business.

    Remind yourself frequently that to work with purpose means a life not working 10 hours per day, five days per week for years, then retiring to a golf course in Florida. Your true purpose should be to discover your calling and bask in the joy of the journey along the way, one step […]readmore

Operating In Silos Thwarts Business Growth

    Many years ago, I worked for a software company that really promoted the importance of personal and professional development. I loved it; however, the organization was operating in silos.   Let me tell you the story… This company offered various incentives for employees. For instance, we had the the opportunity to take courses, do […]readmore

Gender Inequality At Work

    Gender inequality was far from thought when our eyes met. But it was very real and alive back then. I had just returned from a 3-month back-packing trip in Europe. My dear friend (and backpacking buddy) secured me a job working at the bar she had worked at for years. He and his team were regular […]readmore

Achieving Gender Equality At Work

    Monday, March 8th is International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is ‘Choose To Challenge’ because when we are challenged, we are alert. And, change comes from challenge. So, let’s all #ChooseToChallenge!   Gender equality serves as a basic human right. It is also, most importantly, what we need as a necessary foundation for […]readmore

Do Your KPIs Include This?

    A few years ago, I had a very real scare in my life.  For months I experienced fatigue, memory loss and other strange symptoms which I assumed were just from working too much. As a result, my key performance indicators (or KPIs) at work were slipping. It turned out that the reason I […]readmore

Employee Experience Matters

    As a people manager, I have a lot of responsibilities, but none as great as the need to provide a positive employee experience. There are many different ways of defining employee experience but at its core, it’s about supporting those under my supervision, ensuring a safe working environment, giving fair compensation, and providing […]readmore

5 Steps To Successful Organizational Change Management

      Have you ever struggled with getting others on board for a change you are trying to implement because you were met with resistance? Well, if you have kids, I know you’ve encountered it. When I consider what it takes for successful organizational change management, I realize that what we often do within […]readmore